Labels on Suit Sleeves – Men’s Fashion Faux Pas?

Fashion Faux Pas

Leaving the label on your suit sleeve is definitely a fashion faux pas.

It’s interesting that as we’re growing up we’re never really taught about fashion faux pas. We somehow learn what to wear as we go along. If we make a mistake perhaps someone will point it out. A fashion faux pas is not the end of the world but a grown-up wearing socks and sandals around the city is not the best way to be taken seriously. Perhaps crimes against fashion only matter when you need to make an impression on people. We’ve dedicated a good proportion of our educational/informational videos to common mistakes men make when wearing a suit – check our ‘Things to NEVER do when wearing a suit’ playlist on YouTube. We’ve even gone to the trouble of pointing out a few casual wear mishaps, like in this video about jogging bottoms and shoes. Making life easier and simpler for you is our speciality.

The Suit Label Fashion Faux Pas

One of the most unspoken fashion faux pas is the suit label on the jacket sleeve. Its most likely unspoken because most people don’t know whether it is or isn’t a blunder. Some feel it’s to show people exactly what suit you’re wearing – just like the Nike sign on your trainers. It really isn’t. A suit should be classier and understated than that – even if it is made out of a bright fabric. One of the main purposes of those labels are to make the brand visible to a retailer, when hung upon a rack of different suits. As soon as you buy it, be sure to clip it off.

We discuss it more it this edition of Morts & More Moment, watch the video below or click this link here to watch.

Thank you for taking the time to learn and grow with us at Morts & More. Our aim is to change the way the world sees itself by giving it confidence – one person at a time.

We hope you took something from these tips and hope to see you soon.

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