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At Morts and More HQ in London, like most of the cities in the world, we are currently living in lockdown. Now whilst we’re all waiting for the status quo to return, we’re all about making the best of our new ‘normal’ and focussing on finding creative ways to do the things we all love and enjoy. 

With that in mind, we’re sharing our five top tips to hopefully inspire you to keep your flair going throughout the lockdown:

Social Distancing not Distant Socially

It’s important that we heed the advice of our government officials and maintain social distancing at this time. This doesn’t mean you should stop being social with your friends and loved ones – in fact with the great advancements in technology we have so many more ways to stay in touch than ever before. Are you the life and soul of the party, always arranging the next get-together and ensuring everyone has a great night out? Why not organise a virtual party for all your people over Zoom, Skype etc and make sure you’re staying connected. You can all agree to have some drinks, perhaps with one of you playing DJ and give those who might not interact with people that much day to day, a chance to put on their party shoes and have fun.

Love in the Living Room

If you’d normally have date night at a fancy spot in the city, why not turn your dinning room into that Michelin star restaurant? Agree a date and time with your other half and commit to going full Harvey Spector with your outfit – a Morts and More ensemble would be a great choice here! We recommend rustling up a delicious three course meal, and if you’re brave, we dare you to try out one of those recipes you’ve had saved in your phone for months – you’ve got the time to do it! Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get rave reviews like Gordon, but we’re sure that a Netflix and chill afterparty could be on the cards….

Be Entertained

It might sound strange but we think social media platforms were made for a global pandemic of this nature. A time when we’re all connected but can’t actually be together in the flesh? Social media is the virtual bar we’re all hanging out in. We’ve seen content creators go into overdrive in this season and now is the perfect time to get lost in the world of easy-to-digest content. It’s also a great way to grow your network and interact with like-minded people. We encourage you to join the Insta-live of your favourite DJ, or engage in that twitter debate with your favourite blogger. See where it takes you.

Read all about it

Now easy to digest content is great to engage with but there will always be something to say about delving into a good book. Do you have one that’s been on your ‘to read’ list for years but you’ve never had the time? This is it! If traditional books aren’t your thing, why not get yourself an audiobook and a good pair of headphones to transport you to another world.  From fiction to educational, there’s a wealth of content out there just waiting for you, so go discover.

Keep it moving

Our final tip may not be as fun as the other ones, but it will probably have the biggest affect on you during this lockdown. As our homes have become the place where everything happens, now more than ever we recommend investing some time to keeping yourself active. Can you go out for a 15 min walk or 30 min jog each day? Do it. Have a great personal trainer who is running sessions online? Plug in your laptop and get involved. Need motivation to get you started? Go on social media and see if there is a squat challenge you can join. 

Lockdown in style

Bottom line – when you were allowed outside your house, you chose to live a fun and fulfilling lifestyle. So we encourage you to not lose that energy whilst the rules have changed a bit. 

We’re off to do our push-ups for the day so we’ll catch you on our next blog post!

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P.s. We’re still available to give online wardrobe style consultations, check out more information here.

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