Wide Lapel? Harvey Spector vs Mike Ross debate

Wide Lapel? Harvey Spector vs Mike Ross debate

Slim Lapels (Mike Ross) first started coming to my attention the good part of 6-7 years ago. They were pushed heavily by the hight fashion shops such as Next and Topman. Therefore the skinny lapel became a popular part of the younger generation suit wearers. As a result many class suits with slim lapels as cheap. If skinny lapels are perceived as cheap, then the assumption is also true that a Wide Lapel (Harvey Specter) is perceived as expensive.

Mike Ross vs Harvey Specter

If you’re a fun of the TV show suits then you’ll instantly recognise these names. Harvey Specter the high flying litigation attorney, Mike Ross his protege. Both wear incredible suits but there definitely some clear differences. We discuss them here in this edition of Morts & More Moment


What Lapel Size Is Your Preference?

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