How To Tie A Knitted Tie – Which Knot To Use?

Knitted Tie - How To Tie A Tie

Wearing a Knitted tie is a bold statement. A simple look, yet nonetheless bold. The reason for this is due to the normality and ubiquitousness of the silk tie with menswear. From wedding to the corporate world, the silk tie is a standard staple accessory. Most men are quite simple when it comes to the clothes they wear. If they are to wear something, they ask of themselves one simple question. Do other men wear this already (on mass)? If so, I’ll wear it too. Most men follow, few experiment.


The Standard



This relates heavily to a prior post we wrote titled, Did The Workplace Kill The Suit? In this instance the silk tie has become a standard uniform for men in the corporate world. Standard usually means ease. Because men who are not style conscious don’t want to think about style choices. The simply want to get to work, get out, and then enjoy their free time.

There are a few guys out there who take pride in their appearance, and know fully well about Knitted ties. For those guys, the question remains, how do you tie a knitted tie?

We’ve detailed our method and process in this edition of Morts & More Moment.




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