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Blazers and Suit Jackets we’re designed to be worn a certain way, trust us. We understand mistakes can be made from time to time. However we’re starting to see some mistakes on a consistent basis. We’ve talked about how to button jacket’s correctly before but this is different. Back then it was more from a standpoint of buttoning all of them. This time we’re coming after the guys who solely button the bottom button alone. Like why on earth would you do this? Why would you think it was ok? Do you know anybody that does such things? If so, direct them to this article, ha!

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When the bottom button is applied alone it somewhat pushes the front of the jacket upwards and opens out the chest. It’s not a great look. (A small caveat is that if the suit is bespoke, chances are you can get away without it heavily affecting the jacket shape).

Jackets & Blazers – Only The Bottom Button

In this edition of ‘Morts & More Moment’ we break down in more detail why we detest this act. Watch below



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