A Wedding Suit for Ravi

We have guys come in to see us and buy suits for all manner of occasions or environments. Whether its for work, parties, weddings or red carpet. If you’re a man who loves his suits (and we can take a strong guess that you are, if you’re reading this blog); then you’ll love having suits crafted no matter the reason. With that being said, a special place has to be reserved for the lucky suit that gets to be worn on your wedding day. It’s a special time in every man’s life; but also a time we hope will only have to come around once. Lets raise a glass to the all important wedding suit.

The Wedding Suit

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Ravi and being chosen as the tailors to make that special suit for his big day. What an honour. ‎He opted for a navy blue wool/cashmere blend, 3 piece. The scooped neck double breasted waistcoat was such an excellent touch.

Zenith Cinematography captured the suit and his wedding day in this beautiful video. Take a look and let us know what you think. This is the type of party everybody wants to be invited to.


Ravi + Anjla // Wedding Highlights from Zenith Cinematography on Vimeo.


Wedding Suit Ravi




What will your special suit be?

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