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When it comes to watches, the choice is immense. No one would blame you for opting for the more popular brand names that you see on tv, without understanding the (watch’s) attributes. I’ve never personally been a ‘watch guy’ (guy who has an extensive collection of watches for various occasions). That doesn’t mean I don’t love a nice watch, because I do. However I’ve always had two staple timepieces, and rotated between the two. So when we got the opportunity to get a lesson on timepieces from Xupes, we jumped at the opportunity.


Dress Watches



The first watch we were treated to was the Rolex Date Just. The understated timepiece, that is a great dress watch without being to over the top.  A nice entry level watch for anyone looking to good swiss luxury brand. This silver piece would go great with any suit to be honest. More precisely, a navy or black suit would look amazing with this.



The next watch we took a look at was the IWC Portuguese, made in 18K rose gold with a brown leather strap. This piece is a slight step up from the Date Just. Donning Arabic numerals and a chronograph, this is the more dressier piece.



The Franck Muller King Conquistador is a big hit among the Investment Bankers and Stock Brokers. Franck Muller are also known as ‘the Masters of Complications’, due to the sheer uniqueness in some of their watches. Handmade and assembled in 6 months, these pieces are very intricate.



Another popular Rolex is the Daytona. Somewhat synonymous with the city worker. The newer models are without the ceramic bezel. A great everyday watch made from 904L Steel (Surgical). Because they retain their value, these are awesome investment pieces.


More Watches



We were then treated to Blancpain, one of the oldest watchmakers still going. Their 8 Jours (8 days) piece is very exquisite. From a full wind, this watch will last 8 days. Made from solid platinum, this is a great limited edition collectors piece.




Last but not least we got to experience the Patek Phillipe Calatrava. Possibly the most luxurious collectors piece out of the watches we were shown. A manual wind watch with 300 parts, yet one of the thinest watches you’ll come across. Understated is its middle name.


To learn what we learnt about these watches in all its detail, watch the video we recorded with Xupes below:


What Watch Would You Buy?


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