Can Men & Women Be Besties?


A little different from our usual topic but today we ask, can men and women be besties without ‘being together’. Thats right, platonic besties. She loves men, he loves women, and they posses the highest level of friendship (besties), without being lovers. The question is, does this dynamic exist or is it a myth?

Before any says that they have many great or close friends of the opposite sex, this is not what we’re asking. That dynamic can definitely work its fine. Men & Women can be close friends with our attraction, of course, but can they be ‘besties’? Which would mean they hold each other has the greatest friend each of them has (no one else is on their level).

“We’ve never seen it, never experienced it”

In this instance we disagree and think that type of relationship doesn’t exist. This response definitely comes from a subjective place. We’ve never seen it, never experienced it. However that doesn’t mean its true, so we ask the question to you guys.

This Morts & More Moment brings a highly opinionated topic and we give our thoughts on it. Lets see if you agree! We hope you enjoy. Let us know your opinion in the video comment section.


Was Our Argument Convincing Enough?

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