Man Of The Hour – Denzel Washington. ‘How to make the best first impression’

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My Man!

Always at the top of his game, always well composed and always full of great advice. What a gent.

At 59 years old he still shows that style never dies with age. See pictures from his shoot with GQ.


 Denzel for GQ

This weekend saw the release of Denzel Washingtons latest movie ‘The Equalizer’, where he portrays a Special Ops agent who goes up against Russian Gangsters. No spoilers here, just go and watch it, we hear it is one not to be missed.

Remember ‘Training Day’? The film in which he won an Oscar? Well he reunites with Antoine Faqua, the director he worked with on the legendary film. We’ll say no more


Denzel for GQ

There was something we heard Denzel Washington say recently that made us think, “What a major key to life”. Below we have put together 3 things we can learn from him.


1. There’s no such thing as being too prepared.

Immersion is the key word. Thats the only way to prepare properly. His preparation for each and every role is so in depth, he becomes a top scholar of that subject. The result, a captivated audience.

Whether its an interview, presentation, meeting or first impression, preparation is the vital ingredient.


2. Compose discipline and order in your life

When you are disciplined, you find the least resistant path to your goals. Achieving  them faster and easier.

Organise your wardrobe, select what looks go together, have them ready for each environment or situation


3. In creative endeavours, find a partner who brings out your best

Surround yourself with like minded people. Simple. Want to look great? find others who look great and read Want to be successful? Find others who wan to be successful too.


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