Five Top Tips For A Tailored Life

Its amazing what gems of information you take from life along the years, and its even more more amazing what we can learn from one another. When it comes to a tailored life there are so many things I could tell you but here are my top 5..

1. You’ve got 7 seconds

Research has shown that the first time we meet a person, it takes around seven seconds for us to form our opinions of them. Seven seconds! These opinions often set the foundation for future relationships so you always need to put your best foot forward. When I first started wearing tailored suits it shocked me how differently I was treated by strangers and I never get used to the reaction I get when I walk into a room wearing a good suit. It immediately sets the tone in the way I’m approached and how many people want to know who I am and what I do.


So the next time you’re deciding what to wear somewhere new – be it a business meeting, networking or even a date, remember seven seconds is all you have to make a great first impression, so dress the part.

2. Apples in is Apples out

It has been said that doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting a different outcome is a clear sign of insanity. Until you change the way you think and act towards achieving success, it may always elude you and never quite be within you reach. I’m a firm believer in what you put into something, is what you will get out and so everyday I take positive steps towards developing both my character and skills, whilst conditioning my mindset for success.Β 


Decide what you want to achieve. Work out how you need to do it. Do it. Keep doing it. Repeat

3. Eat, Play, Love (well)

Three simple words that carry so much importance in our lives. Have you ever seen someone whose outfit is on point but there’s just something that seems to be missing? Now I’m no expect here so I won’t pretend to know the scientific-ness behind it all, but I would be willing to put money on it being an imbalance within either their physical, mental or emotional well-being. Ok, ok that might be a bit of a reach but I do stand by my thoughts on living a life that’s well rounded and full of all the good things on offer.


Eat – Be selective with what you put in your body. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in poor quality clothes, make sure you invest in quality food too.

Play – Life is short and jam packed with volcano levels of stress. Don’t add to it. Choose to chill-out whenever the opportunity rises.

Love – Not just people but everything you do. If you don’t love something in your life – lose it.


4. Unused knowledge is like a parked car. It’ll take you nowhere fast.

I wish I had known this when I was in school because then I could have known where to really apply my efforts. A lot of the information I received from my teachers proved to be useless, but there were some gems. I grew up thinking the purpose of school was to retain as much information as possible. That’s what made you intelligent. The power of intelligence is knowing how to use it and actually doing it. The beauty of knowledge is being able to share it with others and grow collectively.


I try to not only learn new things daily but where possible put them into practice in my life. Learning is great but not applying it leaves you with only potential. And potential can’t pay the bills.

5. You can fail doing what you hate. Do what you love

Chasing your dream is risky. Standing out from the crowd is rarely recommended. Since an early age I always wanted to run my own company and travel the world. My environment taught me to secure employment, earn a steady salary and stay put. Doing the ‘safe’ 9-5, I had some great times as well as some pretty terrible times. And there were one or two times where I down right failed and that when I knew the traditional rat-race was anything but the ‘safe’ option.


Everyday I get a chance to do what I love I’m truly grateful for. Leaving the corporate and starting my own business helped to put life into perspective for me and see that there is no right way of becoming successful or whatever you want to be in life.


The magic formula doesn’t exist. But you exist and you have the choice to decide what makes you happy. Once you know that, figuring out how it will pay the bills is the easy part!


Always Beyond Expectation


Mr More

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