Morts & More Moment – Introduction


For a long time now, clients have often said that they want to hear more from the guys at Morts & More. So here it is, yet another string has been added to the Morts & More bow. Sena and Joshua of the Morts & More team have finally sat down to start filming the ‘Morts & More Moment’. A vlog to offer sartorial advice and cover all unanswered style questions for the modern man.

Its the first time venturing into video blogging, so look out for the blooper reel. See the video below for the introduction to the Morts & More Moment. Be sure to like, subscribe and comment on the Youtube page here. There will be much more to come.



Morts & More Moment – Introduction


Have any style questions you want answered? Send them into

Let us know what you think of the Morts & More Moment by commenting on the Youtube video here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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See you soon

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