Pitti Uomo 91 – Style Winter

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that January marks the return of Pitti Uomo, the Autumn/Winter edition. Like we mentioned in our last post ‘New Year, New You, New Suit’, this season will predictably offer heavier fabrics and dark colours. Although the style maybe unsurprising, the way it is executed, is anything but. For this reason, Pitti Uomo will forever be a style attraction. In this post we take a look at some of the quality offerings at this years Pitti Uomo 91.


Style Winter




Check out the patch pockets with flaps and also the cuffs of the jacket sleeve. The double gold lapel pin is a nice touch and is a staple go to. The air tie look with the snap tab shirt collar is definitely an interesting move. Rarely done but we’d say he pulled it off.


Pitti Uomo 91


This guy undoubtedly stands out. He went for light colours (as you can see). It’s interesting that he has the open collar mixed with the layers. It doesn’t make sense but yet it works beautifully. Pay close attention to his pocket detail.


Pitti Uomo 91


The fur collar on the brown jacket. Say no more.


Pitti 91




Pitti Uomo


Now this look right here is something else. At first glance, his combination screams “city boy”, but as you examine further you start getting even more character elements. The overcoat gives vibes of “high fashion Mayfair lad”, whilst his hat and backpack say “Shoreditch”. It’s interesting.




The guy 2nd from right. Red, grey, black and white combo. Perfect execution! *takes notes*




They’re all winning.




Dark buttons on a light jacket


Pitti Uomo 2017


The the only thing I’d change is the hat colour (perhaps to black or same as jacket) and the skinny tie (much wider please). Otherwise..”stand out when everyone else blends in”


Blue suit


The colour combination is immaculate. Trousers are most likely pleated. Cuffs on the ankles. Wide lapels on the jacket and a beautiful tie.




The high and wide peak lapels on the overcoats. Yes!




How to kill it during A/W


Pitti Uomo 91


Its cold,ย shes hot. That throw-over is nice.


Pitti Uomo 91


Check out those bags.


Pitti Uomo 91


The houndstooth is bold but nice.


Pitti Uomo 91


There cant be Pitti without the infamous group walking shot. P.s. take note of the jacket length on the far left.

Pitti Uomo 91


And another one.


Thats all folks

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