What To Wear: White Tie Event

The ‘White Tie’ dress code for men is considered to be the highest level of formality.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk models White tie attire

In fact it is reported to be the first form of formal wear in history. A look credited to the father of dandy Beau Brummell in the 19th century.

Following ‘White Tie’ in the pecking order of formal dress is the more commonly known ‘Black Tie’ dress. A look many a man has grown to become familiar with but not the same can be said of ‘White Tie’. Why? Perhaps lets start by explaining what would call for such attire.

Where would you expect to wear ‘White Tie’?

Think extremely formal or commemoration balls, evening weddings and state dinners (in certain countries. i.e. dinners with visiting heads of state).

So with that being said, unless you are a government official, it is probably safe to say you wont be attending ‘White Tie’ events several times over the course of your life. Should the occasion ever arise, we have put together a quick guide to keep you prepared.

How is it executed?

Usually for formal wear like ‘Black Tie’, one can vary and bend the rules to the components of the attire. However the ‘White Tie’ formal evening dress is strictly regulated.


– Black ‘evening tailcoat’/dress coat

– Matching fabric Trousers with a stripe of satin or a braid down the leg

– White wing collar shirt

– White Bow Tie

– White low cut pique waistcoat

– Matching studs and cufflinks

– White or grey gloves

– Black Shoes, particularly Court/opera pumps or oxfords (see pic below)

– Black silk socks

court shoes
Opera pumps

What an experience it must be to dress up for a ‘White Tie’ event. Feel free to contact us for all your ‘White Tie’ needs.

See you soon.


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