Morts & More Moment – The Simplest Bow Tie Method Ever (How To Tie A Bow Tie)

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Its party season and if theres anything that accompanies holiday season, its black tie events. That intermittent time of year when every man has to adorn the illustrious bow tie. For most, a pre tied one will do, the hassle of learning a new technique just for one night just isn’t worth it. Oh but it is! We always say first impressions count. Well make the first time people see you in a bow tie be remembered for the right reasons haha.

To be honest, on most part wearing a pre tied bow tie is not that bad however wearing a self tied one exudes the ultimate level of class and style. Real men know how to tie their bow tie (hint hint).

Tying a bow tie does not come across as easy but it should do, and for that reason the guys at Morts & More thought it important to dedicate the most recent ‘Morts & More Moment’ to the simplest way to tie a bow tie.

Watch the ‘Morts & More Moment – The Simplest Bow Tie Method Ever (How To Tie A bow Tie)’ below..



Morts & More More – The Simplest Bow Tie Method (How To Tie A Bow Tie)


Easy or what?

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