British Fashion Awards 2014

Monday 1st December saw the commencement of the 2014 British Fashion Awards. Its dubbed a celebration of the effect British designers, creatives and models have had on the international fashion scene.

“Each year the British fashion Awards celebrates their creativity and success” – British Fashion Awards

We thought it would be a great idea to cherry pick and give you the opportunity to celebrate or denigrate some of the looks on this years red carpet.




Lewis Hamilton poses here with Nicole Scherzinger

Pay close attention to the Formula1 champion’s shoes, because every great man (and woman) knows that great shoes make an outfit. Look at his accessories (Tie, pocket square). The simplicity and class. The shade of grey fabric he opted for, but most importantly look at those shoes!

What do you think of Lewis?


Kendall Jenner

Observe Kendall’s body shape, frame, height….now look at what she’s wearing. When a star is known for killing and slaying red carpets all across the globe, you can bet they know how to dress for their body type. Again look at those shoes! (ladies)

What do you think of Kendall?


Emma Watson

Unique? Yes, Interesting? Yes, Red Carpet winner? You decide. Focus in on that jacket cut, those lapels, the button number and placement. Attention to detail is vital when under the spotlight.

What do you think of Emma Watson?

BFAHarry Styles

The One Direction mega star makes a striking figure in his red pinstripe suit and boots. He opted for boots. Have you noticed the style of boots? Now look back at the sleeve length, trouser length, fit and cut.

What do you think of Harry Styles?



Love her or hate her, you will talk about her. Riri sports an overcoat/dress/tuxedo jacket…and nothing else.

What do you think of Rihanna?



White shoes with a black suit? A poet shirt?

What do you think of Twiggy?


Oliver Chesire

The bow tie! The midnight blue, the satin. Is he slowly becoming Mr ‘I Make It Look Easy’ Esq.?

What do you think of Oliver Chesire?


David Gandy

aka Mr ‘I Make It Look Easy’ Sr. Classic? Yes, Elegant? Yes, Simple? Yes. One more thing..the fit, the fit, the fit!

What do you think of David Gandy?

BFATom Ford and Rita Ora

Do you see the scarf? Behold the fabric on the Tuxedo jacket cuff, the bow tie, trouser strip, and scarf, notice anything? Scrutinise the shoes. Tom Ford!

What do you think of Tom Ford?

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