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Lionel Messi, Well Done Sir

Lionel Messi, Well Done Sir

Lionel Messi arguable the best footballer on the planet, possibly the best we’ve seen since Diego Maradona (pure opinion obviously), and yet he can never seem to get his red carpet/award show look right. Its not so much his styling but the suits themselves, they’re reminiscent of the quality you get at ‘2 suits for £100’ or what kids where to their ‘First Holy Communion’.

Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Wiz Khalifa shows us exactly why bespoke was invented. My guess is he only decided to go to the show at the last minute and this was the longest size he could get on the high street store. We always like to show a bit of cuff but come on! He’s showing wrist, cuff and forearm.

David Gandy – Most Stylish Man

David Gandy Most Stylish Man

  Men of the Year Awards (ft David Gandy) – What you Expect from a Good Tailor Made Suit The GQ Men of the Year awards last night and Mr David Gandy won the Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man award. No surprises there really as David Gandy tends to be spot on with his style […]

David Gandy – Style Salute

Morts & More

We’ve all seen those who are in the public eye and always tend to get it right when it comes to style. In the latest Morts and More Moment we send a style salute to Mr David Gandy. We attempt to break down what makes his fashion sense a winner. Check out the video below; […]

The BAFTAs vs The Grammys

Whether ‘Made to measure’, Bespoke or ‘Off the rack’, an A-list celebrity red carpet event is always bound to grab our attention. Two prestigious events, the same date, two different sides of the Atlantic. We take a look at which carpet won the overall best look.
Now we’re very aware that both events had different dress codes but thought it would be interesting either way.

It has been reported that the Brits triumphed at the Grammys, where as the Americans stormed the BAFTAs (awards wise of course). Now its time to see who won the battle of the finely tailored suits.

How to break into the Kingsman premier

Being a tailoring company, we love anything to do with sartorial wears. A number of people have laughed at me in the past when I’ve confessed I only started a TV show or watched a film because I liked the suits that I saw the people wearing in them (Suits, Boardwalk Empire, Tinker Tailor Soldier, […]