Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Style Consultants make a living by making sure their clients look good. Making sure their clients are dress well and appropriate for the occasion is their Bread and Butter. The best Style Consultants go even further and make sure that their clients make a great impression.

From the time most men reach their late teenage years, I can imagine most of them carving out their own individual styles and tastes. One guy may have a love for skinny jeans and another for bowler hats. Everybody is different. Every guy is different and as a men you’ve been dressing yourself for years (learning about your own style/taste). That would make you the most experienced in dressing yourself. Therefore is a Style Consultant really necessary? Most men would answer ‘no’ and for a long time I thought the same too. That was until I started seeing things like this….

Exhibit A


Is A Style Consultant Necessary?


Jason Sudeikis is dressed like he wanted to go to his weekly basketball game with his buddies but was told he had to attend the award show first. He probably has his basketball jersey and shorts underneath. I often ask myself how things like this are allowed to happen, then I realised Jason probably doesn’t care about style or fashion, all he cares about is his craft (acting). In his films, he has someone (style consultant) to dress him, all he has to think about is acting. Perhaps this is the same thing we should apply to the men in highly pressured jobs. Why would they care about what tie goes well with a blue suit when they need to make sure the merger in Japan goes well. A good Style Consultant keeps their nose to the street and sniffs out any and every style trend (for every occasion) that may be creeping up. They think about the style and fashion so you don’t have to. Most men should know not to wear sport specific trainers with a suit.


Is A Style Consultant Necessary? Alan Cumming


Culprit number 2, Alan Cummings; You’d think that after playing the super suave Eli Gold on the award winning TV show ‘The Good Wife’, he would be well versed in art of suit etiquette. But no, here he is dressed liked he was one of the dancer’s filming a JLo video and was running late for the awards so he threw on a blazer and bow tie. Stretchy trousers and space boots? I mean really?!

Is A Style Consultant Necessary? Ricky Gervais


Not So Funny

Ricky Gervais read our earlier post on not wearing running shoes with suits and that’s why he’s smiling like that. He thought he’d get loads of praise for his efforts however he got too cocky and decided to err the black tie (for a black tie event), button his second button and wear his bodyguards boots (you know those ugly construction style boots that have a metal toe cap). Either Ricky is expecting trouble at the awards show or he was initially wearing trainers and got his bouncer to swap shoes with him after reading our post. You decide.

Is A Style Consultant Necessary? Wiz Khalifa


Wiz Khalifa shows us exactly why bespoke was invented. My guess is he only decided to go to the show at the last minute and this was the longest size he could get on the high street store. We always like to show a bit of cuff but come on! He’s showing wrist, cuff and forearm. There is so much wrong with Wiz’s ensemble its just not fair on my or your time to address it.


The Style Consultant Must Be Good Though

Style Consultants can get it wrong too. David Oyelowo. I’m usually a fan but the stylist and big designer label that dresses him have been getting more wrong than right. I wont say any names but they’re the same label responsible for the style failures of Lionel Messi (although he did finally get it right this year). What is wrong with David’s look? Well other than the sleeve being a tad bit long (which isn’t really too much of a big deal) not much. The suit fit and composition is very good, I just wish they lit a match and burned the fabric before the Tailor could cut it.

Is A Style Consultant Necessary? David Oyelowo


After seeing the above exhibits of sartorial sacrifice it builds the discussion which will eventually lead to the conclusion. Are Style Consultants Are Necessary. The resounding answers being yes. If you’re focus is completely on your craft yet you have to dress well publicly; then get a good Style Consultant. The key word being ‘Good’.


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A GOOD Style Consultant Can Make Or Break You

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