1 Reason To Not Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt To Work

short-sleeve shirt

Short sleeves at work. When it comes to this topic there are going to be a few gents up in uproar in aid of their beloved sleeve-free garment. Style vs Function definitely springs to mind whenever I notice this attire and just to be clear, this post doesn’t include those that have to wear a short-sleeved shirt as part of their uniform (although employers should take note). This is targeted at the unsightly combination of short-sleeved shirts and ties in the corporate environment. It’s for the guy who is sitting there right now and asking, “What’s wrong with wearing my short-sleeved shirts to the office”, well without any further hold up I’m going to tell you…

1 Reason To Not Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt To Work

It looks atrocious (I mean very unbalanced)

Whenever I see a guy wear a short-sleeved shirt and tie, I’m reminded of a film I saw many years ago with Michael Douglas called ‘Falling Down’ (and he was going bat crazy in that film if you haven’t seen it). I’ve never really understood why guys wore short-sleeved shirts (with a tie) in a corporate setting; yes I get that it may feel a bit more comfortable and the lack of sleeves definitely would make them feel cooler (temperature wise) but so would wearing their suit with shorts and yet you don’t see them doing that, do you?

short-sleeved shirt

Long sleeve or short sleeve? I can understand a footballer opting for a short-sleeved option on match day, as it probably feels less restrictive and provides the feeling of moving more freely. I wonder what the corporate short-sleeve wear needs the freedom to do, reach across for his stapler? That last analogy reminded me of Dwight from The Office, ha!

short sleeved shirt

Either the mind likes to play tricks or I’m right in saying that it looks ok (and obviously better) to roll up the sleeves on a long-sleeved shirt. Perhaps its because the sleeves do not rise above the elbows, who knows? Either way I have no qualms with this.

Is It OK To Wear Short-Sleeved Shirts, Period?

I certainly think so; they definitely have their place. Just like shorts or white socks, the short-sleeved shirt fits perfectly in the casual environment. That means no tie and open collar (although there is a new trend of air ties going on). If and when opting for a short-sleeved shirt (when dressing casually); like all other menswear looks, make sure the fit is spot on. Think Daniel Craig playing 007 in Casino Royale. When you get a shirt that fits your body and you eschew the tie, you can’t go wrong.

Short Sleeved Shirt

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2 thoughts on “1 Reason To Not Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt To Work

  1. Luke says:

    Disagree, short sleeved shirts are fine. Long sleeves are just too much in hot weather or a stuffy office which is literally every day. Rolling up sleeves is uncomfortable, doesn’t help with the heat and frankly I think looks scruffy. Short sleeved you get to look a bit more modern than a boring long sleeved dress shirt and show off your muscular arms a bit more. I don’t wear ties because they’re horrible as well so it works out fine for me.

  2. martin says:

    I can appreciate your opinion, but frankly, a short-sleeved shirt paired with a tie is a very sexy look. Any outfit that fits poorly is a sore sight. There is no benefit to long sleeves with a tie if the shirt is not fitted. Just look at a pilot with an excellent physique wearing a short sleeve shirt and tie. It is incredibly handsome.

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