How to break into the Kingsman premier

Being a tailoring company, we love anything to do with sartorial wears. A number of people have laughed at me in the past when I’ve confessed I only started a TV show or watched a film because I liked the suits that I saw the people wearing in them (Suits, Boardwalk Empire, Tinker Tailor Soldier, Kings Speech, to name a few) and generally they’ve turned out to be on the money.

So when I saw the trailer for the new Kingsman film I instantly thought, ok this film is a must. To our delight in the run up to the film being released we were contacted by representatives at Fox Studios to make some suits for a YouTube promo for the film with a couple of influential YouTubers. Check out the video below, we also brought in a guest star to help find their lapel pins.

Callum & Harry with special guest Emile Heskey


Have you seen the Kingsman film yet? Let us know your thoughts on it.


Until next time.. Always B.E.

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