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3-piece To A Wedding

Every question is an important one. When we were recently asked whether a 3-piece suit could be worn to a wedding (by a wedding guest), we thought the answer straight forward. However, its unfair to think everybody is at the same level when it comes to sartorial knowledge. Especially when most knowledge takes time to build.

3-piece to a wedding. Black 3-piece suit

3-piece Suit To A Wedding

We believe that a 3-piece can be worn to a wedding (as a guest), because even though it is a statement, it is subtle to not be a show stopper. Show stoppers (i.e a white or sparkling suit) are the majority of what could be considered inappropriate suits.


The pic above is a show stopper. Very suitable for Groom wear but inappropriate for a guest. Imagine dressing whiter than the bride! A 3-piece combination is also suitable for guests. Thats when the jacket, trousers or waistcoat do not match. Check out the example in the image below.



We talk a bit more about what guests can wear to weddings in one of out previous articles, click here to read it. In addition we talk more about wearing a 3-piece suit to a wedding, in the latest edition of Morts & More Moment. See it below


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