5 Instant Confidence Boosters

5 Instant Confidence Boosters

From time to time we can all feel a little unconfident in life but thats no reason to take it on the chin and allow that feeling to fester. Instead use these tips here to instantly boost that confident feeling and have you back in the winners lane. So ladies and gentlemen, we present to you..

5 Instant Confidence Boosters


5 Instant Confidence Boosters

1. Wear Your Best Outfit

Obviously this only works if you’re still at home when you require said boost, and also within context too. Please do not turn up to your banking job in the city with your new Nike Air Max and Tom Ford jeans. Just no. But a lot is said for how dressing sharply or in clothes we love can affect our outward attitude. In summary, suit up in your best suit and feel like you’re wearing armour.

2. Say It Wit Yo Chest (Say It With Your Chest)

Kevin Hart may have made a joke about this back in his 2010 film ‘Seriously Funny’, but there is a certain truth behind it. To be honest I have been taught that behind every joke lies a truth. Force your physical being through the motions. Putting some umph behind your words will definitely have you feeling on top. Sit straight, walk tall with good posture and speak deeply (slower and slightly louder). Start sounding confident and soon you’ll feel it too. Just be sure not sound confident about things that aren’t even true. Nobody likes that guy.

3. Visualise

If you cant see it first, you cant be it. Be very specific. What does confidence look like to you? Addressing a large audience to a great reception? Looking everyone in the eye when you speak to them? Who knows? Just picture yourself being that guy. See it clearly in your mind and watch your being follow. Its almost like pro athletes. When asked in retrospect about great fetes they had achieved, they often talk about how they had visualised it before it had even materialized. They had a strong fixation on only one outcome that it was inevitable. You may not be a pro athlete but you will be the life of the office party! Go forth and visualise.

4. Focus Your Mind On Your Plus Points

Fair enough you don’t feel confident now, perhaps its due to something you haven’t mastered yet or a small insecurity but a great way to turn it around is to forget what you’re not good at and really think about the things you’re absolutely great at. It works wonders. Lionel Messi is arguably the best footballer in world but stick him in the center back position, how confident or good do you think he’ll be then. Do you think he worries about that? Didn’t think so. Thats not to say he wont defend with the team when the time calls for it. Understand you can’t be great at everything and focus on the things you are great at. If its something you need to be great at (perhaps giving a speech) then practice! “We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle

5. Nobody Gets Out Alive

I’ve seen this bounded around social media platforms on a plethora of memes and it serves well if used in context and a pinch of salt. The full quote is “Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive”. Thats not to suggest you should have a complete cavalier attitude to life but don’t beat yourself up over the little things in life. Be wise and pick your YOLO (you only live once) moments. If you’re unconfident over something you’ve spent time working on (say a presentation) then understand its not that big a deal should it not go as planned. Just go out and do what you practiced, its not the end of the world. This helps you take control of the situation and steer it in your favour.


We look forward to seeing you donning your confidence like Harvey Specter!

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