Best Fashion Designer – Black British Entertainment Awards

Best Fashion Designer

We Won!! This month we picked up the award for Best Fashion Designer at the Black British Entertainment Awards. We we’re surprised to see the nomination come through, an unexpected yet welcomed announcement. The nomination was great but to then go on to win it, was a top way to round of our year.

“Motivated by a desire to enhance, acknowledge, motivate and educate talents for the development of Great Britain and the world”, the inspiration for The BBE Awards. A great cause.

It was an honour to be considered amongst such strong competition as William Adoasi, Tinie Tempah and many others. We wanted to send out a special thanks out to all those who took the time out to vote us online. Without you guys we wouldn’t be giving this thank you speech and collecting the accolades. The fact that it was voted for by the public has to be what made this award ever so special. It could have gone any way, considering the strong competition. So we were elated that the public moved in our favour. Thank you!


Best Fashion Designer


Best Fashion Designer

Best Fashion Designer



Did You Vote For Us? Ha!

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