Should The Bride See The Suit …Before The Wedding?

Should Bride See The Groom

During conversation in a recent client consultation, the question of wedding ritual/superstition arose. It was interesting how the debate developed and went back and forth. It’s a topic which is quite interesting. It may not be the deepest of issues but definitely one worth having a poke at. So without further delay lets look at the question of should the bride see the suit.

Should The Bride See The Suit  …Before The Wedding?

When it comes to wedding days, all over the globe brides can be found hiding. Hiding away from their groom until they hit that infamous aisle. But why? It’s bad luck, it’s not to be done, it’s frowned upon. Thats what some say. Im not going to argue whether or not men should be able to see the bride in her dress before the big day. I’ll touch on it but it’s a great tradition in my opinion.

Should The Bride See The Groom

Where does it derive from?

It possibly stems from the times when arranged marriages were the norm (where the the couples didn’t meet until the ceremony). When it was seen more of a coming together of families; or one family attempting to marrying into a rich one with the exchange of the daughter. It is said that in order to keep the groom from changing his mind the minute he could see who he’d be married to; they would keep the bride from him completely and even give her a veil. So that he never really set eyes on her until that ultimate moment (business is business, no backing out ha!)

Plus Points (To Not Seeing Her Dress)

As a groom, not seeing your bride in her beloved wedding gown must surely add to the anticipation of whats going to happen that day (as in getting married, of course). This has to be one of the reasons many a groom have been known to burst into the tears at the sight of their bride (we’re hoping it’s not because she makes poor fashion choices). It must be because seeing her in her dress, coming down the aisle brought the realization of “woah this is real” “Im overwhelmed”.

Sour Points (To Not Seeing Her Dress)

What if she’s wearing a dress you don’t like?!! Has this ever happened? Has a groom ever been disappointed in his brides wedding dress choice? That would be interesting. In all fairness there is not many negatives to not seeing the brides dress before the aisle. It’s her day, so lets keep this one moving fellas.

How About The Groom?

So with all being said, this poses the serious question; of whether the bride should be allowed to see the groom in his suit before she hits the aisle. Lets explore more.

The number one question is, do you (the groom) care? Thats it! Thats the fundamental question; because as far as most weddings go, the bride has been dreaming up the big day for many years. Probably way before you came along. How many years have you been dreaming of your big day (not marriage, the actual day!). For someone who’s been planning something for years, the last thing they’d want is a surprise ha! The last thing she wants is for you to turn up dressed up in the Batman suit; because your best man tells you “you’ll be a legend!” (you certainly will). If she’s been planning this day for many years it only seems logical you look how she pictured you in the plan, right? Not everyman has Morts & More in his corner, not all men can be trusted with serious style choices for the big day.

Now irrespective of poor style choices by you (the groom) or her life-long plan; the magic and anticipation of seeing your bride in her dress for the first time when you’re at the aisle must be a great feeling to have. Why cant the bride experience that feeling too? Very pertinent question.

What is the verdict?

At Morts & More we believe you create your own luck, so bad luck can go ahead an use the fire exit! Good bye superstitions.

So should the bride not be allowed to see the suit before the wedding? Only if she says so.

We look forward to seeing how this plays out for you at your wedding.

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4 thoughts on “Should The Bride See The Suit …Before The Wedding?

  1. Rodney says:

    It asked the question “do you care?” about whether the bride should see the groom prior to the wedding and then at the end it answers “only if she says so” lol so which one is it? It seems like it’s really just the bride’s day and the groom is there just to be there from that perspective..

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