Buying A Bespoke Suit – What If I Put On Weight?

Whenever our potential clients are considering buying a bespoke suit, we often hear one particular question. What if I put on weight? It’s a valid one to be honest. We’d hate to see you spend a lot of money on an investment piece for yourself; only to have it donated to someone else. Simply because you had one too many doughnuts. It’s mad!

Donate Your Bespoke Suit?

Once a bespoke suit has been ‘donated’  2nd hand, is it even bespoke anymore? Does the person receiving it, understand the true value of it? Imagine being too port to close you trouser waist or jacket button, on your bespoke suit. Picture having to give it to you son who is slim and slender. Visualise watching him come home with a rip in the elbow because him and his friend Johnno decided to reenact a ‘Game of Thrown’s’ fight scene. You’d probably lose the plot to be fair.

We’ve digressed. What is the answer to question though? What if I put on weight? Hmm how about you just don’t? How about you look after yourself and maintain?


what if i put on weight


Dramatic weight loss (or gain) means it’s time to replace your whole wardrobe, not just your suits. People tend to consider this predicament a bit more because a bespoke suit costs a little more than the average ready-to-wear garment. The thing is, if you were truly conscious of your wardrobe spend in relation to your weight; then you’d give more focus to weight that your money. We hope this makes sense to you.

What If I Put On Weight?

The simple answer is “Don’t”. A man who (truly) invests in himself, does it on all platforms. The first platform being his health (weight). The bespoke comes much later.

After all of this, the chances are you’ll never put on so much weight you can wear your bespoke suit. Sometimes we create scenarios in our mind to prevent us from making certain investments. Don’t be that guy. Invest in your health and invest in your suit. It’s been great talking to you.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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