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The city is beautiful. London city to be precise. The playground for the infamous ‘city boys’. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race and miss out on all the city has to offer. From the most elegant architecture to the fine dining establishments. Every so often, we like too take a stroll through London (with our photographer of course ?) and see what’s new. In this post we’ll touch on the ‘city boy’ look.


City boys 2


What men wear in the city is quite straight forward. Single breasted suits win the popularity contest but that doesn’t mean a double breasted is ever out of place. The white shirt is also a major player. Simply put, you can’t lose in a white shirt. Although the occasional light pink or sky blue does the job. For the more adventurous city boy, you see striped shirts (only two colours, ie white with blue stripes) and perhaps a Winchester collar.


City boys 1

City Boys

Number one rule for dressing in the city; keep it simple. Suits tend to be one of three colours. Blue, grey or black. Some refer to them as ‘corporate colours’. We call it inoffensive. As long as your suit colour doesn’t draw a lot of attention, you’ll be ok.


City boys 3


Now with all the pieces described so far, the city boy look is quite understated. That’s why a few men will take the opportunity to express some flare through the accessories. By accessories we mean ties and socks (sometimes a pocket square).

This is the base level of how city guys dress. Next time we’ll discuss ways to make the city boy look even better.


City boys 4

City boys 5


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