Men’s Overcoats – Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Everybody loves an autumn/winter wardrobe. It’s the optimal time for sartorial experimentation. ‎Why? Because you can wear more items of clothing at a time (otherwise known as layering). Any other time of year would be too hot to wear more than one layer of clothes. Men’s overcoats are the icing on the cake, when it comes to layering (autumn and winter wear).

In this post, together we’re going to touch on how to execute…The Overcoat.

1. The simpler the cut, the better

It’s best to describe a simple cut as, a blazer, only longer, with a thicker fabric. Overcoats can be either double or single‎ breasted. Both are great looks (the double adding an extra layer for increased warmth). We’ve seen the single breasted overcoats have the most attention from guys in and around the city. Peak lapels are always a winner (we love wider cuts) and a single vent is a must.


Men's overcoats 1

2. Pure Wool or Cashmere

Typically, an overcoat will be ‎produced in 100% Wool (however Mr Moneybags may opt for a cashmere instead). Wool is undoubtedly long lasting. So even if you sink quite a few pounds investing into a good quality wool overcoat, you can be confident it’ll be around to protect you, for at least a few years. This trusty fabric is also quite weighty, which contributes to your armour from the cold.


Men's overcoats 2

3. Above the knee or knee length

When we cut our overcoats, we always cut to the clients preference (and of course the most suited to their height). But we always recommend our clients overcoat length is cut just above the knee or at the knee itself. Through trends, we have seen some cut just below waist and others mid shin. To each his own but we’ve stated our preference.


Men's overcoats 3

4.‎ (As on every menswear list ever) Make sure it fits

This goes without saying. No matter what item you wear, it has to fit right, if not impeccably. Typically the overcoats we produce will be worn over suits. So they will need a touch more space and allowance (than a suit jacket or blazer would). The first place to check is the shoulders. Make sure they sit right and are on the point of your shoulders. After that, the stomach, chest area and sleeves can be addressed. If you’re a guy who wears an overcoat without the suit (but a t-shirt/jumper), then opt for an extra snug fit.


Men's overcoats 4


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