We Are Gladiators In Suits

Harrison called it ‘Gladiators in Suits’ Hearing this reminded me of the importance your outfit has on your mindset, and consequently your job, career, or life.

Its said that if you wear a white coat which you think belongs to a doctor, you will perform better on a test than people in street wear (True or False, we’ll let you decide).

Going back to the statement in question….Gladiators In Suits. When you suit up in fine tailoring, its like you’re armouring up for battle, ready to fend off whatever task life has to throw at you. You could almost call it ‘Social Armour’




In the first episode of the critically acclaimed ABC show ‘Scandal’ we see Harrison Wright (played by Colombus Short) use the phrase for 1st time. Later on in the series we see him again giving a lengthy but engaging monologue on what the saying really means, and its importance.


The clothing for the show Scandal can only be described as enviable. Head and chief Gladiator Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) continuously adorned in chic pastels as well as grey hues proves that female power dressing doesn’t have to be bland. A woman about her business, always ready to slay in the finest tailoring. No cheap suits here!



Harrison W


Let me continue by stating that Mr Wright is forever looking sharp from head to toe, giving us the subliminal message that he’s always ready for battle. His pocket squares, tie, and even suspenders get the thumbs up. Its clear that his clothing is extremely instrumental in influencing who he is. The suit is not just a part of your clothing, its a mindset!


Gladiators in Suits baby!





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