Meet Mr RH.. Morts & More Wedding Client

We’re not ones who love creating the same thing over and over again (which of course lead us to this business in the first place), so when our clients approach us to do something slightly different it always puts a smile on our faces.

Mr RH and his fiancé (now wife) came to us for his wedding suit, however they wanted it to be double breasted (uncommon for wedding suits) but what really made us sit up was that she also wanted one for her 6 year old son, and yes double breasted too.


Take a look at the pictures from the big day. Not only were we all happy with the suits, the little guy pulled the suit off with remarkable swagger (he may have even stolen the show a touch from the couple).

image2 image3 image4

Let us know your thoughts. Until next time.. Always B.E.

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