Mens Square Toed Shoes

Fellas if there’s one thing that needs to be left behind in 2016, it’s square toed shoes. I’m surprised these contraptions were not banished after we graduated secondary school; and started buying clothes for ourselves.

Square toed shoes

Mens Square Toed Shoes

For those who wish to argue in favour of their beloved square toed shoe, here’s one critical piece of advice; please don’t. These shoes flatter no man. The design itself adds unnecessary mass and bulk. Sort of like the fabric at the ankle of boot cut jeans (when you’re not wearing boots).

Mens Square Toed Shoes

For any man still wearing square toed shoes, the first order of business after reading this post is to throw them out. And switch to a pair of oxfords or leather loafers (like the ones displayed in the below images). No thanks needed.

Mens leather loafers


Mens Oxford shoe

N.B. There was a whiff in the air (this summer) of a square toed shoe revival. Ha! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; trends come and go but if it was wack before, it’ll still be wack now ha! [Wack – rubbish, poor, bad]


How many square toed shoes will you be throwing away?

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