Mens Winter Layers

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Layering during the winter is common practice in colder climates. Mens winter layers are something that do not get enough attention. Layers are when you put clothes on top of other clothes, yet each item of clothing has a part of it that is still visible. For example, take the picture below. These men have dressed and layered with intention. Where some may see them as simply throwing on an overcoat, others will see the stylistic pairing of every item of clothing.



Mens Winter Layers



As you’re a man who takes pride in his appearance, mens winter layers are something you need to master. Mens winter laters open the door to multiple streams of stylistic expression.


Mens Layering Should Be Intentional



Mens Winter Layers Black Grey



Wearing more clothes during the collar months is essential for your health & well-being. So if we all need to wear more layers, why not do so with artistic intention (as well as function, of course).

Layering can be done all year round, it all depends on the individual. However, winter is the season where its most likely. If you’re in a suit, one of the best ways to layer is with a wool vest (see below image). Shirt, wool vest, Jackets, Overcoat.



mens vest



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