Morts & More Speak With The Youth Of Lambeth

Last Wednesday Morts & More had the pleasure of speaking to the youth of Lambeth Academy for Global Entrepreneurship week. It was inspiring to see so many young minds looking for routes to make their dream a reality.



Sena and Joshua (Morts & More) spoke of why it was important to start the new Tailoring brand in London and what separated the business from other establishments. “When it came to bespoke tailoring, there was nothing within our reach, so we decided to do something about it” – Morts & More


The passion for made to measure (& semi-bespoke) menswear and the ability to breakout of the limitations others set for you is an important ‘take home’ for the young impressionable audience.



Sena Mortoo & Joshua Umoren of Morts & More address Lambeth Academy



The focus of the talk was primarily on finding your passion and pushing to make it something you can enjoy everyday.


Perseverance and hard work is key.


For all the voices saying it is not possible and that you cannot do it, Morts & More stands to be the voice that tells you, you can.


After all, before this brand was created, the founders of Morts & More were told it would never be a reality and that the business was not viable…..


If you have any questions you want to pose to Morts & More that may help you on the path to your dream, send them to


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