The Winter Is Coming – Colour

Its the same every year. Summer ends, Winter begins and along with it the washout of any semblance of colour. Its what everybody does, every year and therefore defined as ‘playing it safe’. So for this Winter recommendation, we touch on….




Colour has such an impact on our physical appearance as well as our emotional state, why restrict it to certain months of the year?

Rather than opting for a bright red suit in an attempt to steer from the dreaded dull hues, try adding colour in small parts to a toned down outfit (by toned down, we refer to your typical grey, navy or black office wear).

A colour implementation that works very well, is accessorizing in Burnt Orange.

Jumpers, knitted ties, scarves, lapel pins…..


Picture not owned by Morts & More


Picture not owned by Morts & More


Picture not owned by Morts & More


See below for even more plays with colour..


Picture not owned by Morts & More


the brompton


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