Neck, Body or Sleeve length | The Dilemma Of Buying A Ready To Wear Shirt

Sleeve length

If you’re like the majority of the (ready to wear) shirt buying public, then chances are you’ll have to compromise on one of the following three things. Neck size, Body fit or Sleeve length.

Men are not all created equal, yet for some reason the majority of our shirts are. An educated guess would say that the majority of men buy their dress shirts as Ready To Wear (RTW). We’d probably go as far as to make another assumption and say that most men care not for the fit of their shirts. For the style conscious male, buying a Ready To Wear dress shirt can be a frustrating experience. Because one size does not fit all.




If you have long limbs, your arms will be out of (standard) proportion to your neck, which means you have to decide whether you want the shirt to fit up until your wrist (but have a really loose neck) or have a fitted neck but sleeves that stop at your forearms. Its not great. The dilemma’s continue for guys who have developed a big chest or biceps (in the gym or sports), and many others.

So if some many men will have difficulty with the RTW shirt fit, why is RTW still so popular? Possibly because most men don’t care about the fit, or don’t know any different.




We aim to make sure all the right information is available, so that the modern day gent can be his best. A good fitting shirt should fit your torso, neck and arms well. We don’t mean tight either, just fitted. Theres nothing worse than seeing a man squeezed into clothes that look like their cutting off some circulation. On the flip side, we all know that guy that wears a shirt so baggy, it looks like a tent. The excess material on that baggy shirt could be used to create a nice pair of boxer briefs ha!

Any man who is serious about home self should dress with intention. With regards to shirts, bespoke is the only way to do that. Have a shirt made for you and designed by you. From fabric to cut, take full ownership.


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We hope you agree with us and hope to see you for all of your sartorial needs. By appointment only, we can meet with you to discuss and create your bespoke garments. We’re based in Bank, London. Book your appointments here.


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