We All Need Personal Styling

Finding your personal styling requires you to know yourself:

Connecting with the essence of who you are, and being confident about it, is personal style. Some people don’t realise it, but they are constantly struggling to find their personal style. A few believe that they don’t have one; some think that it only concerns their clothes; while others mistake style for fashion. Here are some important things to note about personal style that can help you find and develop your own:

Style vs. fashion

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry that is constantly trying to re-invent itself. In doing that, fashion changes from season to season, and trends come and go in catwalks and in stores. Style, on the other hand, is more personal to you. While fashion influences you, style lets you express yourself through fashion. So, your style will persist irrespective of whether or not you follow the fashion. It reflects who you are, and is not necessarily limited by what is in fashion.

Style expresses the unique person you are

Developing your personal style is often described as the art of combining an image or outfit based on the different elements of your lifestyle and personality, which comprise your interests, tastes, inspirations, aspirations, desires, and history. All these elements come together to create a unique style that not only makes you look and feel good, but also expresses your individuality and helps you achieve a sense of comfort and confidence.

Personal style is not limited to choice of clothes

Many people often associate style with a high fashion wardrobe or accessories, which is misguided. Style goes beyond the clothes you wear, as it expresses your feelings when you are in control of the image you convey to the world. Whether you are embracing your inner rock-star or adding more colour, personal style helps you feel comfortable in your own skin. While your style may start with some well-fitting trousers, a new shirt, unique hairstyle, or some other tangible thing, the resulting emotions are usually powerful enough to impact your entire lifestyle.

Your style expresses your age

Generally, you are old as you feel, but this does not mean that you should dress like you did several years ago. As you grow, your style evolves. And the more you experiment creatively with your style, the more you will be able to advance creatively. This means that those clothes or accessories you used to love become less useful and more sentimental, so you let them go. Donate them before they start weighing you down and keep you from discovering your new style.

Finally, personal style is personal

The objective is to feel comfortable and confident in your style, so follow your instincts. It is good to experiment and push yourself, but if you feel that something is not right, stick with your decision. However, you should not confuse that feeling with the notion that “I can’t pull off this look”. Don’t allow other people to influence your choices too much. If you like it, then you can probably pull it off.

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