Six Steps to Getting a Tailored Jacket in London

A jacket or blazer is an essential item of clothing that every man should have. Tailored jackets are extremely versatile: you can wear them on formal and casual occasions, regardless of the season or location. Considering its importance and versatility, we believe that you should have at least one high-end jacket that suits you perfectly for those special occasions. However, don’t just rush to any high-end boutique to get a jacket for its brand.

But don’t get us wrong; we love Zegna, Cerrutti, Marks & Spencer, and Boss, but you can get a quality suit that fits perfectly for the same price or less. Worried about not being trendy enough? No problem. Just give us an idea of what you are interested in, and we shall duplicate that style for you. Here are a few easy steps to get you the finest tailor-made jackets in London:

1. Find a trustworthy tailor

Reputable tailors are not easy to find it may be better to start with references and recommendations from family, friends, or influential colleagues, a friend thats had a wedding and needed a tailor for the wedding – OR come along and talk to us at Morts and More the trustworthy tailor.

2. Pick a Fabric for Your Tailor

First time buyers usually prefer dark, versatile colours, such as navy blue and charcoal. These colours can be worn for a variety of occasions. In terms of fabrics, many people consider wool because of its durability as well as warmth and comfort. However, your choice of fabric may also be influenced by how deep your pockets are, since 100 percent merino wool and cashmere are very expensive. Wool and polyester blends, on the other hand, may be more practical for most men.

3. Tailored Measure for fitting

This is where your tailor takes all the necessary measurements to make your jacket fit like a glove. Most tailors are highly experienced in designing fitting garments, though you may still offer suggestions about your preferred arm length, stiffness at the shoulders, or how much it covers your bottom.

4. Choose a style with the help of your Tailor

You can find something you like by looking through fashion magazines to see what is currently trendy. You can simply show the image to your tailor, and he will decipher the type of fabric and other details for you, then match them to your body type so you look good wearing a similar jacket.

5. Personalise it, thats what a Tailored Experience is about

At this point, you should ensure that your jacket is the right fit for you. Your tailor should check that you have the proper sleeve size, so it is shorter than your dress shirts in order for the cuffs to show. Slim people should get a jacket with a single, centre vent, while bigger men should opt for double vents. Other things to consider are the size of lapels and whether you would prefer a single or double-breasted jacket. You can also add some personal touches so it looks genuine and unique.

6. Get a Final Fitting at Morts and More – Your Tailor

When all the tailoring work is done, your tailor should ask you to wear your jacket and feel how well it fits. He will also check the angles and lengths to ensure that everything is perfect. This is also the point where you make your final payment, it has to be done.

We would also like to tell our clients that “dressing well” refers to wearing the right garments at the right occasion. For instance, you can wear your jacket for a formal corporate meeting by matching it with a contrasting colour shirt and a similar colour pair of trousers, and well polished shoes. For a casual event, you can wear it with a pair of jeans or khaki, and a dress shirt or t-shirt.

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