Men’s Overcoats in London: Factors to Consider When Buying One

When you’re attending formal events, making a first impression is vital. The most appropriate form of attire is a business professional dress, which for men includes a business suit, a conservative dress shirt worn with a tie, and well polished, shiny dress shoes. During the cold months, there is another garment that is essential to protect themselves and their suits from weather elements: an overcoat.

In London, men’s overcoats can be worn in the autumn, winter, and spring seasons to not only shield you from harsh weather, but also to help create a notion of professionalism in the eyes of your colleagues and associates. Considering the importance of this attire, we would like to mention a few things that will help you purchase the ideal overcoat for you.

1. An overcoat is not the same as a greatcoat or topcoat

An overcoat differs from a topcoat or overcoat with regard to its style, weight, and heritage. How can you tell them apart?

  • An overcoat is a long jacket with sleeves, and is typically worn above other items
  • A top coat is described simply as a lightweight overcoat
  • A greatcoat is a bulky, heavy overcoat with a military background.

2. An overcoat comes in two different lengths

Overcoats are either full-length or knee-length (¾ of full-length). The full overcoat is often regarded as dressier than its knee-length counterpart, since it adds reliability and manliness to your image. It is the preferred coat by seasoned gentlemen, owing to its ability to complement a broad range of figures.

Knee-length overcoats, on the other hand, are typically chosen by younger men who want to look flashier. This type of overcoat extends anywhere between the trousers pockets and the area just below the knee. Unlike the full-range overcoat, the ¾ complements a smaller range of male figures, including those with a trim build, and those who wear the coat close to the body.

3. An overcoat is made from heavy fabric for durability

Overcoats are made from a wide range of fabrics, but those looking for a durable material that can withstand every day use should consider 100% wool or cashmere. A typical wool coat weighs around 2kgs, though it can be heavier for bigger men. Actually, the heavier it is, the longer it will last.
Cashmere is also a great option. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and warm, though it can be damaged by moths, plus it eventually will show signs of wear on the cuffs and collar. Cashmere is also very expensive without offering significant benefits in terms of warmth and appearance. Your best bet may be a wool-cashmere blend.

4. An overcoat is designed to complement your sense of style

The most important design consideration is whether to go for a single-breasted or a double-breasted overcoat. The latter style, also known as ‘military style” is the best for fashion-conscious men, so it is not recommended for men who intend to wear the same coat for several years. Single-breasted overcoats, on the other hand, come with three or four buttons, though they are not meant to be buttoned up as the double-breasted ones. This makes single-breasted overcoats more practical, and they can be worn for many years. Other design elements that you may consider include the inclusion of a belt, and the style of lapels, which could be classic, wide, or long-spaced.

5. Overcoats are designed to be worn over other clothing, for many years

When trying on an overcoat to see how it fits, ensure that you are wearing a jacket or sweater. Also be sure to wear a dark colour, such as black, navy blue, or charcoal, since these colours are formal and can be worn with nearly any garment and for any occasion.

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    nice your website.Coats are one of the most preferred piece of clothing in winters for men. The best part about these is that one can mix and match the coat with different dress pants and sweaters or shirts to create a new look every time.thanks for information

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