Bespoke Tailoring in London: A Step Beyond Made-to-Measure

Any tailor will tell you that a well-made suit is always in style, and we concur. However, problems arise when tailors take advantage of clients who want a tailored suit in London or any other city. These tailors carelessly use the words “custom-made,” “made-to-measure,” and “bespoke” to refer to the same tailoring work. So, we took it upon ourselves to enlighten our esteemed customers.

Custom-made, Made-to-measure and Bespoke Often Refer to the Same Tailoring Work

Let’s say you go to buy a ready-made suit from one of the local fashion houses. The garment you get, which will undoubtedly be well made from some luxurious fabric, will probably not fit you exactly. The reason is that ready-to-wear garments are designed around the set standards of a brand to fit a range of body shapes.

The solution for individuals looking to invest in a particular brand’s look and desiring the attire they purchase to actually fit them is made-to-measure (MTM) tailoring – a service that is now provided by even the biggest fashion brands. While the basic block of the garment remains the same, you have the freedom to select your preferred shell and lining fabrics, the buttons, and all of the details. Then, the basic proportions are tailored to fit around your body.
If MTM is the BMW of menswear, however, then bespoke tailoring is an Aston Martin. Here’s why: A bespoke suit is built to your exact requirements and measurements, entirely by hand. It is a drawn out process that demands a superior level of skill and experience on the part of the tailor, and a lot of patience on your side, as there would be three to four fittings within an average of three months of production. The amount of time required may seem preposterous, but it is the only way to ensure that your suit will fit you perfectly.

Your Tailor Builds your Bespoke Suit

Your tailor builds your bespoke suit from a distinct composition based entirely on your taste and physicality. It is the closest that a client comes to couture, and you can feel it. Before you order your tailored suit, look at the following differences between bespoke and MTM:

  • First, a new pattern is created for each client in bespoke, whereas MTM involves the modification or use of base patterns, which may cause the tailor to miss small nuances of the client’s body.
  • Second, bespoke involves multiple fittings during the entire garment creation process to attain a perfect fit, unlike MTM, which requires only two fittings: an initial fitting to take the client’s measurements and a final fitting when the garment is finished.
  • Over ten mills are offered during fabric selection for bespoke tailoring, while the MTM curated selection has just one or two.
  • MTM offers a list of design/customisation options, while the options for bespoke are limitless.
  • In bespoke tailoring, clients interact directly with the tailor, which is rarely the case with MTM, where measuring and customisation are done by different individuals.

A century or two ago, bespoke services were available only to the wealthy and influential members of society who wanted two-piece suites, tuxes, or morning suits made. However, the past couple of decades have seen the emergence of a new breed of bespoke tailors who create modern suits for modern men.

Younger Men Looking for Tailored Suits in London

Today, younger men looking for tailored suits in London or any other major urban centre can work with more youthful, media-savvy tailors who know how to deliver a satisfactory experience. There are lower overheads (require only a minimum of machinery), so the product should be affordable compared to the best big brands. Plus, you get more personal service, since you are dealing directly with the person who cuts the fabric and sews his name/brand inside your coat pocket.

One thought on “Bespoke Tailoring in London: A Step Beyond Made-to-Measure

  1. Breck Lewis says:

    I really like how you said, “The garment you get, which will undoubtedly be well made from some luxurious fabric, will probably not fit you exactly.” This is so true when you go and buy a suit because they never fit on the way you want them to. I went last week to get a suit and tried on so many suits when I finally realize that I’m going to just have to get it tailored. How much does it normally cost to get an entire suit tailored?

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