Buying A Rolex Watch Is Like Buying A Bespoke Suit?

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Buying A Watch At Rolex vs Getting A Tailored Suit


We were recently invited to visit the Flagship Rolex store in Knightsbridge for a luxury networking event. What an experience. A great night filled with highly energised company and endless streams of quality Champagne.

Every so often, we find ourselves brought together with some of the most amazing people running some of the most incredible businesses in London. We talk business, we talk joint working and most importantly we have fun. The Rolex store was no exception.


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At some point in the evening we were taken to the back of the store where one of their specialists asked us about our favourite Rolex’s and characteristics of great watches. It just so happens the Sky-Dweller has been a hot topic of conversation at the Morts & More private members lounge lately. Within minutes we were presented with a platter of the latest Sky-Dweller pieces in the store. Dubbed “the distinctive timepiece for Global executives”, the Everose gold with leather strap was a sure fire winner.



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One thing was made clear, there was to be no talk of price but simply admiration for the beauty and craftsmanship in the splendid timepiece. Conversations and questions about how it made us feel and what thoughts it evoked ensued. Like a toaster in the bath tub, the feeling was electrifying! If you’re the kind of person that looks to invest just under £30k on finely crafted leather and metal to adorn your wrist then you better form a special bond with it. And thats when I thought, its not about how it looked but the way it makes you feel. And thats what led me to think that investing in a Rolex watch and investing in a bespoke suit is almost an identical experience. Not in the way the watch or suit is created but in the buying reasons and type of individual that acquires them.



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A bespoke suit is for the type of guy who understands that in order to be the part, you have to look the part and feel the part. That is exactly what a Rolex watch or bespoke suit does, the feeling of supreme confidence and power. Its more than just the mere material but the understanding and respect for the attention to detail. When it comes to successful people, attention to detail has to run through everything they do. Its not an act but a habit (because after all, we are what we repeatedly do). Not to mention, a great timepiece or a bespoke suit will always be great statement pieces.

Look at your watch, look at your suit, what type of man are you?



Let us know where you apply attention to detail. Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Layni Moore says:

    Dear Gentlemen,
    Thank you so much for the glowing write up. I am so pleased that you were able to try the Sky Dwellers. Feel free to return if you need more!
    Layni Moore

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