Suits and Running Trainers

Suit and running trainers

Sometimes you want you want to get into work, shake some hands and get that deal done before lunch so you won’t miss your lunch time squash game with Bill. There’s nothing wrong with that, not until you start dressing like you want to do both at the same time. A suits and running trainers kind of day.

[Before we officially kick off, let’s bring some of our American friends up to speed by telling them what page of the style book we’re on. When we say trainers just picture ‘sneakers’ instead].

It has been happening far too often and especially in London, so in this post we’ll be addressing….

Suits and Running Trainers


Suit and running trainers

What is it?

You know those trainers, the ones long distance runners wear. The ones that would struggle to be considered as a fashionable purchase. The same ones that scream at you “Hey! I just knocked 30 seconds off my 5k time”. Yeah those ones, in fact let’s throw in any other sports shoe that isn’t black (but especially the white ones). When these aforementioned shoes are worn with a suit, it’s a sad day for the Sartorialist. Men all over the globe collectively lose a point. Suits and running trainers are a crying shame.

Suit and running trainers

When Does It Tend To Happen?

It tends to happen on that dreaded commute to and from work. One trip on London’s underground network during rush hour will give you a sample of examples to the above crime.


Who can say why people do the things they do? One could hazard a guess that it has something to do with that soft fluffy comfort a worn in pair of trainers can provide. Having to wear those hard soled shoes for 8 hours a day is to much torment for some men, so their trusty trainers escort them to and from work.

Where did it possibly start?

A wise guess would be this act (sartorial crime) originated from the school playground.


Suit and running trainers

Fashion vs Function Balance

I get it, one must be comfortable. Im also not one of those people who think one must suffer for fashion, no. In all things, there must be a balance. If you must wear trainers, why not the all black slimline trainers that have very little detail? Check out these here.

Trainers with suits


trainers with suits


Do You Wear Suits And Running Trainers?

No one says you can’t wear trainers with your suit, but if you do, make sure they don’t look like you’re about to go and run track.


We hope you took some inspiration from this weeks Morts & More Moment because we certainly did.

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