The Winter Is Coming – Fabric

Picture this. The air is cold, the streets are frosty and the thermostat on a daily commute is temperamental.

You’ve come into Morts & More to get help putting together a robust wardrobe to help survive the winter months in style.

In this post, we will touch on one of the things to look out for when it comes to the cold season….






When it comes to staying warm and also providing comfort, opt for wool.

Its a natural fabric, it will be keep you warm but will not overheat should the temperature get warmer. Which should bring joy to those who battle with the London tubes on a daily basis.

Wool is so versatile, so be sure to select the right kind for your climate.

Cashmere or Wool-Cashmere blends are the favorites. The pure Cashmere will cost you more, so possible opt for a Cashmere jacket and wool trousers.

When it comes to tailoring, ask for Worsted Wool. Very durable and easily manipulated to hold the strong structures of tailoring,


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