The Wrap Waistcoat For Men

Wrap Waistcoat

I once wore a waistcoat in one of our Morts & More Moment’s (weekly YouTube video) – something you’d expect from me, considering I co-run a Made To Measure tailoring business. However, this waistcoat generated quite a few comments with regards its designer & origin. This always makes me laugh because I think its funny asking a Tailor who made his waistcoat – its like asking the CEO of Starbucks what brand of coffee they are drinking.


“Wear did you get that waistcoat from?”


Its surprising how many people ask us who made or designed our clothes after seeing a picture of Sena or I on Instagram, or in a video on YouTube. Either our audience is not switched on or we’ve done a poor job in explaining who we are and what we do. Good branding is vital to the life of any business.

Back to the waistcoat; it is a Morts & More (us!!!) creation, inspired by an image we saw on Instagram back in 2012. Whats interesting is this style of waistcoat, which we refer to as a ‘Wrap Waistcoat’ is quite common in womenswear – menswear continues to play catch up, and we (Morts & More) always plan to be at the forefront.


How Can You Get A Wrap Waistcoat?


The Wrap Waistcoat falls under our bespoke range. What had initially started out as a concept piece has now been made available to buy to all. The price of this waistcoat starts at Β£295 and may vary depending on fabric. To order yours, contact us here or email us on

We discuss the Wrap Waistcoat in this edition of Morts & More Moment, we hope you enjoy.



Thanks For Reading & Watching

I hope you take this post in good jest, its always good to ask questions. Ask and we shall always answer. Its what we’re here for – to educate and illuminate. We hope to see you for all of your sartorial and lifestyle needs. By appointment only, we can meet with you to discuss and create your bespoke garments. We’re based in Bank, London. Book your appointments here.



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