This Post Is For Ryan Gosling

This post is for Ryan Gosling. Yes Ryan Gosling. It would seem that โ€˜Mr Notebookโ€™ has snuck onto the top of the best-dressed style lists for men, quietly but consistently and undeniably.

Premiere of "Drive"



Pretty much every female of all ages has a thing for this guy. He can do no wrong. Fellas you may not want to admit it, but the guy looks exceptional on and off camera โ€“ particularly in a suit.


His movie profile is solid, his characters never lack confidence, and his red carpet presence is sartorial bliss. Tailoring at its best.





Whether the large lapels and shoulders in Gangster Squad, or the open collar shirts with a colourful slim line ensemble on the red carpet, Mr Gosling knows how to really wear his tailored suits.


This post is to salute a man who respects the suit, and in return the suit respects him.


You may not be able to act like Ryan Gosling or even have his charm, but what you can do is get yourself a bespoke tailor.


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