What I Learnt While In Paris

So last week myself and Joshua were debating on a trip to Paris for a top secret mission (don’t worry all will be revealed soon enough) and it was literally the night before (11pm to be precise) that I purchased my ticket. Yes, this was a solo mission to a country I’ve pretty much never been to (the mega markets as a kid with the family don’t really count) so I was a little apprehensive but all the same excited. Here’s what I learnt on my just over 24hr trip.


Flying solo is actually quite enjoyable

Now I don’t just mean my flight, I actually mean keeping myself entertained while doing different activities. Matter of fact I found myself quite hilarious, no I wasn’t standing about cracking up with laughter, but on a number of occasions I probably had a coy smirk on my face from conversations I had with myself (I may just be crazy).


Getting lost can be a good thing

Literally and figuratively speaking, getting lost enables you to discover new things (let me not get deep on you all). In this instance though I actually got lost. While out and about to see the sights on my first night the line I required on the Metro was out of service so I had to take a replacement bus. When I found this out I told my friend, who was advising me where I should head to (but not available until late evening), that the adventure was about to begin, I just knew I’d get it wrong. The replacement bus wouldn’t have been an issue if I got on the right one, or even if I realised when I got off I was in the wrong place. However I took a nice stroll in the wrong location looking for my target destination. Once I realised I didn’t know where I was going and asked a Parisian where the Champs-Élysées was, her expression (because she didn’t speak English) let me know I was far from my target (as my phone navigation also confirmed. Thank God for technology). Anyhow I managed to traverse, find the right bus and get to Trocadero. Through it all though I found it enjoyable, I just knew that it would work out (if it as in Ghana though that would have been a whole other matter).

Finally got toTrocadero
My beautiful steak
My beautiful steak


English alone won’t get you through life

Now I’m trying to lead an international life, but I’ve always secretly believed that there are enough English speakers in this world that I’d never have an issue. While technically true not being able to string 3 worlds together in French made my life that much harder. I know I can’t learn every language but with enough notice ahead of a trip from now on I will learn key phrases that will aid my activities.


Selfies aren’t my thing

I realise I’m probably doing a complete U-turn on my first point but I like documenting my travels through pictures in different locations. When you’re flying solo you can only ask a stranger to take a picture for you (but I treasure my phone too much for that) or take a low quality selfie. I don’t mind being the one to take the picture, but pictures full of streets and strangers, well, not something that you really open up regularly to take a gander at. I need to find time to go to Paris with a lady on my arm that I can wine and dine then she can take my ‘pretending to look at something’ pictures.

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I managed to get one good picture when out for breakfast with my friend
I managed to get one good picture when out for breakfast with my friend

Until next time.. Always B.E.

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