What To Wear: Lounge suit

Picture this. You’re strolling through life with a huge smile on your face. Then one day someone (who shall remain nameless) hands you an invitation to a social gathering, and everything seemed copacetic until you read the dress code as ‘lounge suit’.

Has this ever happened to you?

If your initial response was ‘WHAT?!’, don’t be alarmed because you’re not completely alone ha!


One of the reasons for the mass ignorance could be the fact that it is an expression mainly reserved for invitations. If it were to be described in conversation then the term business suit (dress, attire etc) is what is likely to land on your ear drum (light bulb!).

A lounge suit is typically dark in colour and worn to a multitude of events from lunches to weddings and Funerals. Day or night.


Although well put together and presented, this style of dress is considered informal. The picture starts to become clearer when you consider its more formal older brother is the Dinner suit (think Black Tie/White Tie).

Quick history lesson: The lounge suit replaced the morning suit as the everyday suit. It was around the end of the 19th Century that its popularity soared. It is said that the lounge suit was originally created as sportswear. The end.

In relaxed settings, lounge suits are often worn without the tie, but unless stated, we would recommend you stick with the tie. “Better to be overdressed than underdressed” 

Sena Mortoo


Sena Mortoo

Components – 

Dark Suit Jacket
Matching Trousers
Formal Shirt
Dark Shoes


We hope we were able to shed some light on the infamous lounge suit, and look forward to seeing in the near future for all of your lounge suit needs. All you have to do is click here to book a consultation.

See you soon


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