The Collar Pin (Collar Bar) Episode

collar pin

A collar pin (collar bar) is an acquired taste. It gives off so many old school vibes. Think Wall Street in the 80’s or distinguished gentleman in London (in any era). I would describe a collar pin (collar bar) as more decorative, than functional. It provides a nice neat aesthetic by pulling everything together. It […]

Harvey Specter, Conor McGregor or Eddie Redmayne?

Conor McGregor

In this weeks edition of Morts & More Moment, we open up the floor for some light debate. If you’re a seasoned viewer with us, then you’ll recognise the style respect we’ve given to Harvey Spector, Conor McGregor & Eddie Redmayne. We ask the question of who’s wardrobe you’d wear for the rest of your life, if […]

Can Men & Women Be Besties?


A little different from our usual topic but today we ask, can men and women be besties without ‘being together’. Thats right, platonic besties. She loves men, he loves women, and they posses the highest level of friendship (besties), without being lovers. The question is, does this dynamic exist or is it a myth? Before […]

#PowerToDecide – Wardrobe Takeover


The #PowerToDecide is important. It’s important to almost every aspect of our lives. If we were to relate it to what we do at Morts & More; imagine someone else decide which cloth you have make your suit in? How about someone else telling exactly what to wear to work (bar services with uniforms of […]

Our Story – Life Before Morts & More

Our story

There are so many routes to business. Many have a different story to tell. Who can say which path is best for anyone? This post is for all of those who are looking to start a business but know not how. It’s also for those of you, who have followed our progress and want to […]

Why Off The Peg Doesn’t Make Sense

Off The Peg

Off The Peg clothing, especially suits hold one fairly big assumption. The assumption that the world’s population has the same body proportions. ‎Anyone who’s lived in the real world (that should be you reading this right now…hopefully), knows fully well that this is far from the truth. Some people have broad shoulders, others longer or […]

Danielre – How To Wear A Suit, Style Salute


If you’re on Instagram (which as of April 2017, boasts 700 Million actively monthly users) and you’re interested in men’s tailoring, then I would happily bet a large sum that you’ve come across an image of Daniele Zaccone.  ‎Also know as Danielre (by his Instagram handle), his images can be seen reposted and shared across […]