Should You Remove The Tack Stitching?

Tack Stitching

Tack stitching, it keeps it all together. These are the stitches that are put into your suit jacket temporarily whilst it is being made. As a consumer, you’ll most likely see tack stitching holding the vents of your jacket together or keeping the pockets shut. These are usually left in place after a suit has […]

5 Tips For Running For A Bus In Your Tailored Suit

Wearing a tailored suit is great. The way you look and the way you feel is second to none. If your suit fits well, you’ll feel like you can play football in it (however we don’t recommend this at all!!). If like us, you live and work in London, then most likely you have to […]

Do Women Drink Whisky? – Port Askaig (Part 4)

women drink whisky

It seems quite strange to categorise food and/or drink as gender specific, however Whisky has long been seen as the drink for men. The distinguished gentleman to be precise. Some say they’ve never seen women drink whisky, others say it’s due to marketing from the whisky brands. So with that being said, the question has […]

What Do Whisky Ages mean? – Port Askaig (Part 3)

whisky ages

If you’ve ever been to a bar and looked at the array of whisky bottles on the shelf, then you most likely would have noticed the age numbers printed on the bottles. Without having any form of whisky knowledge, you’ll be able to ascertain that the higher age, the higher the cost (A quick browse […]

Should You Add Ice To Whisky? – Port Askaig (Part 2)


Many people like to add ice to their whisky. Many experienced whisky drinkers avoid ice in whisky. We decided to uncover the proper to enjoy your whisky, from the experts. We teamed up with Mariella of Ports Askaig, to ask this very question. She informed us that the temperature of whisky has a huge impact […]

Whisky For First Timers & Mixers – Port Askaig (Part 1)


Whisky is one of those great drinks for social occasions. It’s also a drink that tends to be left to the more experienced drinkers too (Cue the circle of distinguished and well aged men, sipping small servings of this infamous bronze liquid on the rocks). There are so many assumptions around whisky, so we thought […]

Power – The Style Salute


When I’m not tailoring the city’s style conscious professionals, or I’m not with friends and family, then I’m most likely watching TV and get some style inspiration. I’ve made no secret about the show ‘Suits’ being one of my favourites. Now it’s time to let you in on another favourite; Power. If you haven’t seen […]

Who Pays On The First Date?

First Date

We’ve come a long way since the olden days (well obviously). Many things have changed since then, such as social media and the internet. Customs are much different, from how we interact with one another to the places we interact. Everything is constantly changing and developing, so its easy to get lost in it all. […]