Men’s Style Week – Pitti Uomo 88: What You Need To Know

Fashion Week Sits Down Whilst Men’s Style Week Takes Over


Pitti Uomo

Some of the guys from Pitti, including Tanner (Beckett & Robb), Angel Ramos (Angel Bespoke) & Khaled Nasr (Sartoriomerta)

Parade in Style – Bespoke Suits, Waist Coats, and all else Style Related

Men’s style ‘comes to town’ for two weeks of every year in the form of Pitti Uomo in Florence (Firenze), Italy. A time when its not about the label you wear but the quality, construction and composition. ‘Its not what (name) you wear but the way that you wear it!”. Men and purveyors of male style from all over the world congregate to showcase, network, buy, parade anything regarding style. This years summer edition (Pitti Colour) fell on 16-19th June, and along with the blazing hot sun followed a sea of colour and light fabrics.

One of the many positives for this event is the impact on social media and the visuals social media viewers are treated to during the course and aftermath of the four day event.

Pitti has been going for many years now (44 to be precise) but its still considered quite the secret. “If you know, you know”. It doesn’t get widespread media coverage (relatively speaking) but it definitely gets widespread respect amongst the tailoring community.

With that being said we wanted to mention some key things to bear in mind when trying to navigate the summer edition in style. If you were given access to the spectacular Pitti Uomo, what would you need to know?

morts & more

From left to right; Angel Ramos (Angel Bespoke), Joshua Umoren (Morts & More), Sena Mortoo (Morts & More), Khaled Nasr (Sartoriomerta)


Wear Light Breathable Fabrics – Always Possible with Bespoke Suits 

Its hot! Literally. The sun is out and its taking no prisoners, so in order to stay cool, calm and collected, opt for Linen, Seersucker and light cottons (‘the Breathables’ as we like to call them).

Pitti uomo

Be Yourself – Ultimate style – Supreme Confidence – Bespoke Suits

Would you feel comfortable wearing an luminous  lime green suit? No? Then don’t feel the pressure to do so in order to stand out in a sea of gents practicing the art of Sprezzatura. Ultimate style comes from expression of ones self and the conviction in doing so. Every one appreciates the man carries his look with supreme confidence.

Pitti Uomo

Emiliano Pileri (Depot Style) & Alessio


Dress Your Best – Bespoke Style for Bespoke Suit’s

It’s often said that Italians style is effortless, and where this may be true on most occasions, when it comes to Pitti, everybody makes an effort. Even when the look is to seem like they haven’t made an effort (ha!). Pitti is a time to learn from others as well as bestow your own gems of style. So make sure to put your best foot forward.

Pitti Uomo

Mr Raro


Network – Great Style equals Great Personality

One thing about men with great style, they tend to be really cool individuals too. Great style tends to be an extension of a great personality. This is a great chance to meet some very interesting people who share your passion.

Pitti Uomo

From left to right; Derek (Beckett & Robb), Jason (Beckett & Robb), Jojo (@jj88fashionist), Ignatus


Visit the stands and shows

The first and foremost important part of the show (even though its the fourth point on the list). This is where you get the chance to see whats coming next (in terms of style). A lot of business is done at the stands, whether finding quality product to stock or connecting with great manufacturers.

Morts & More


Pay Attention To What Others Are Wearing

Each one teach one. Everybody is unique and has small details they like to introduce to their style. Its very inspiring to see what you would and would not adopt. If you’re going to borrow from or be inspired by another persons style Pitti is the best place to do it.

morts and more


Smile and have fun

There are cameras every where! From press, to buyers and exhibitors. They take your picture all day long. If your not a celebrity this is probably one of the only times you get a chance to experience a paparazzi attack. It can be a little intimidating but its all in good fun. So just smile and go about your business. No need to pose, they still snap lol.

Pitti uomo

 Thomas Laso Argos & Nerea Arce (Absolute Bespoke)


Is the Pitti Uomo the type of event you would like to attend?

Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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