10 Reasons You Can’t Train With Me | Workout

10 reasons you can't train with me

Like mentioned before in 10 Great Suit Tips, part of looking great in your suit is making sure your body is in great shape. One of the best ways to do this is through physical exertion (or as normal people call it, training in the gym). A great booster to consistency in the gym, is having a workout partner. There’s just one thing, some people are going to struggle with securing said partner, so in this post let’s try to uncover why. You may have some inclination already but without further delay, here is….

10 Reasons You Can’t Train With Me..

10 reasons you can't train with me

1. You scream and grunt whenever you rep your baby weights

– Don’t be that guy. Of course you may exhale loudly to push or pull through a ridiculous amount of weight, but when the weight your holding is 50% of your one rep max, then you sir are taking the Mickey Bliss.

2. You complain about ‘Leg Day’ then Subsequently Skip It

– This is what Johnny Bravo used to do. Pathetic. Never skip leg day (that is unless your leg is broken of course. Even then maybe try some light reps ha!). I’m still contemplating whether you’re worst than the next guy…

3. You Wear ‘Short’ Shorts Because It’s Leg Day

– We get it! Leg day is popular these days. We also get that you need to be comfortable when performing your sets, but really dude? Really? 

4. Your spotter lifts more of the weight than you

– I’ve got not qualms with any man or woman that pushes themselves when lifting heavy weight, but when you’re not the one doing the lifting on you’re on own set, it’s like trying to get a full stomach by watching another man eat, something I’m not involved with.

5. Your Workout Is Actually A Photoshoot for Instagram

– If you’re a pro athlete trying to showcase your regime to your adoring fans to help them grow, that’s cool. But when you spend the hour trying to get the best light for your selfie just so you can prove to your 100 followers that you work out, I’m not involved (P.s. the amount of followers doesn’t actually matter!)

6. You Check For Gains After Every Rep

– Im not sure what you read in MensHealth this week bro, but thats not how it works.

7. You Drive To The Gym To Walk On The Treadmill

– Haha this one is the best. I don’t mean the guys who do it for a little warm up, I mean the ones who call it a day after they’ve done with their leisurely stroll.

8. You’re More Theory Than Practical

– You constantly school everybody on the proper form, technique and regime, yet your gains are still the same as last year…and the year before.

9. You Think It’s Funny To Comment ‘Do You Even Lift’ On Social Media

– Enough said

10. You Say You Can Eat What You Like Because You Go To The Gym

– Ummm you really can’t. Just because your friend at crossfit told you so, doesn’t make it true. Really.


We look forward to seeing you getting those gains in the gym.

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