Statement Scarves

statement scarves

We’ve all heard it (some in the voice of Ned Stark).. ‘The Winters Coming’; and if you’ve not heard, you’ve definitely felt it. London is one of those places that can always be trusted to give you a healthy winter. With the season comes great things like hot chocolate, winter sports and layering. So without any further small talk lets discuss…

Statement scarves

The beloved scarf, fashion or function? That piece of fabric wrapped around our necks for warmth or fashion. It can be as big as a blanket or twisted up or knotted tight, either way, a bold neckwear choice can make or break an outfit.

When it comes to fashion, it seems appearance has overtaken the importance factor of comfort, and without a doubt the scarf has become aesthetics first, function second.

Now that winter is upon us, what better time to discuss the beauty of the ‘Chunky Winter Scarf’.


men's scarf


The chunky winter scarf can be described as oversized with thicker knits, and dimensions much bigger than your typical winter scarf. The sheer size means you can wrap around several times (which keeps you warm thankfully). Even though style is almost always put first, functionally, the oversized scarf is number one; it’s effortless ability to keep you warm on those winter nights is what has made it such a hit on the high-street in recent years. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever build your outfit around a scarf, but a great scarf worn well, can really reinforce your look. The attention to detail will allow you to stand out from the crowd, without being to loud.


How should I wear my Scarf? What colour should I choose?

A lot of stylists, fashionistas, or anyone with access to a blog will probably tell you the exact science to wearing a scarf. Take it all with a pinch of salt. When it comes to accessories, here is where individual style comes in. Experiment! You should know what looks good for you when you see it. If you’re completely lost take inspiration from some of the tried and tested knots out there, like the Parisian.


Parisian Scarf Knot The Parisian Knot


Whether with jeans and trainers or with your tailored suit, a statement scarf is definitely the way forward.


We look forward to seeing some impressive scarves on our commutes.

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