Are Made To Measure Suits Too Expensive? | Part 2

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A Made To Measure (MTM) Suit, is made for you. At Morts & More we cut our suits from scratch according to your measurements. For those of you who understand a little more about suit cutting, we cut each MTM suit from an block. A key differentiator between MTM and Bespoke being that each Bespoke client will have their own pattern cut out (unique to them). In MTM you have the same block (adjusted) as everyone else, thats why it sits between Ready to Wear and Bespoke.


The Details


Outside of the adjustable block, every aspect of your suit is customisable, so you can still have a bespoke experience. We can detail it all from lapels to the amount of sleeve buttons. You can create a garment that is very much built for you, using out MTM service. The garments are usually part machine and part hand made. You may require several fittings to get it perfect. You may get a first time fit. Above all, your suit is given a lot of attention to detail. Its more than one size fits all service, each suit is unique to the client.



Personal Service

In short, having a Bespoke suit is clearly a different experience, however the level of personal service in MTM is very high. When you come to us at Morts & More, our number one priority is stellar customer service. How much value do you place on a unique garment? How much value do you place on a highly personalised service? The answer to these questions, will point to the current cost of a Made To Measure suit.

Thanks For Lending Us Your Eyes

We hope you see the value in Made To Measure and hope to see you for all of your sartorial needs. By appointment only, we can meet with you to discuss and create your bespoke garments. We’re based in Bank, London. Book your appointments here.

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