Black Tie Tips

Black Tie Tips

Black Tie events hit November and December like no other, so every year bound to touch on it. Previously we touched on a Black Tie Look book and it proved to be quite popular. With that being said a lot of questions we left unanswered and thats why we have returned, so without further ado here is…..

Black Tie Tips

Black Tie comes around once or twice every single year. Its party season and as usual men all over the world are being instructed to suit up in their tuxedo’s for one Black Tie event or another. There are rules to Black Tie and it is quite straight forward when you know. Not to mention when you know, you can adapt certain elements to reflect your personal style. Just because it is ‘Black Tie’ doesn’t mean everybody needs to look the same.

In this weeks Morts & More Moment we discuss how whether a white shirt is necessary for Black Tie events.


Morts & More Moment –  Black Tie Tips


At Morts & More we are never ones to abide strictly to the guidelines but as we always say, you need to know the rules in order to bend them. Take a look at the guidelines offered by most when they say ‘Black Tie’ –


Always White Shirt

Black Tie

Midnight Blue or Black Suit

Black Shoes

No Wing tips (usually reserved for White Tie)

Black trousers with single row of braid down the side of outside leg.


We hope you took some inspiration from this weeks Morts & More Moment because we certainly love Black Tie.

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